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First Look at Halo 4


The Games Developers Conference is getting started today in San Francisco, so we’re in store for a big marketing blitz of new game announcements and insider looks at upcoming titles. Microsoft released a new “first look” video today for Halo 4, which shows off the game in action for the first time ever.

halo4screen 470x264 First Look at Halo 4

Halo 4's Master Chief

As you’ll see in the video, Master Chief has never looked better. Literally. His model’s textures and polygon count has been upped significantly over the Halo 3 model, and 343 Industries is using motion capture to animate his movements as well.

You’ll learn all sorts of other goodies from the video, such as the great lengths the developer is going to to create all-new multiplayer maps (no recycled oldies this time), some of the environments Master Chief will fight his way through, and addressing the areas where the first three games were deficient (Hi there, character development! And say hello to story reasons for multiplayer staples like Red vs. Blue). Oh, and there’s a new “Spartan IV” soldier class available for multiplayer.

There’s lots more jam-packed into this 4-minute video, so turn down the lights and be sure to set it to 720p HD resolution. Enjoy.