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Nas Used Ghostwriters For ‘Untitled’?

There’s been a lot of discussion going on over the past 12 hours or so about the legitimacy of Nas‘ raps on the Untitled album. You know, the one that was supposed to be called N****er. Yeah, so, here’s how the whole thing started: I think Jay writes what he believes. Nas’ “Nigger” album was l...
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Best Laptops for College Students

In college, one essential tool in getting work done is a laptop. It’s a lifesaver in countless situations. You’ll need one in case you forgot to make some changes in your presentation. You’ll need one in case you need to look something up for your homework. There are countless situations where a ...
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100 Greatest Maniacal Movie Laughs

  Come on, admit it. You have been practicing your most maniacal laugh for when THE day comes. You know, when you finally crush your archenemy to dust so fine that you can’t even use it as talcum powder. That momentous occasion definitely requires a laugh that even the most bada$$...
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Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Chronograph

Maurice Lacroix watches are spectacular luxury timepieces and their Masterpiece collection is certainly aptly named. If you’re after high quality, luxurious men’s watches (and have a spare $18,000 or so burning a hole in your pocket) then the Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Chronograph will definitel...
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Air Jordan 5 "Grapes" Hit Stores In 2013

Ladies and Gents it is a go, the Air Jordan 5 ‘Grape’ will be returning next year. As with the Air Jordan 1 in 2008, the 23rd anniversary of the Air Jordan series has been taken beyond seriously. Although the Grape 5s were rumored to drop way back in 2010 and then rumored again for 2011 and then ...
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Celebrity Tax Troubles: Hollywood Stars vs the IRS

Some stars are known for their summer blockbusters and Oscar winning performances, but if you look more closely some of these famous stars are also notorious for their tax troubles with the IRS. One may even come to believe that there’s an obvious lack of communication between many celebrities an...
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The World's Trendiest Couples

Certain celebrities are known for their stellar fashion sense but what happens when they double up with another trendy star? They enter into fashion royalty. It’s fun to watch these Hollywood couples step out together while always looking their best. 1. Prince William and Kate Middleton Prince ...
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Team USA Survives to Win Gold Over Spain

It was closer than expected, but Team USA pulled through behind their big 3 of Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and Kobe Bryant to win 107-100 over Spain.  The game was close throughout as Spain was on fire from three-point range, and they fouled the Americans every chance they got, so USA couldn’t ge...
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Joachim Garraud & Alesia- Nox EP

The all French partnership between EDM veteran Joachim Garraud and production trio Alesia has, if anything,  produced some unique and diverse fruit since its beginning in late 2011. Unique and diverse are really the only two words that do descriptive justice to their brand new Dim Mak EP featurin...
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Fall Beauty Trends

With summer slowly coming to an end it’s time to start preparing for those anticipated transitions into a fall beauty routine. Whereas the summer is full of expressive and vibrant colours, this fall we’ll be seeing an array of bold browns and deep reds. Here are some beauty looks that will be tre...