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Man Crates

Think of Man Crates like flower bouquets but for guys, and filled with awesome stuff that's actually useful (or tasty, at the least). Some interesting crates offered by this gift delivery service include Grill Master (smoker box, brass-knuckle meat tenderizer, steak thermometers, etc), New Dad Ta...
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Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y – Live in Concert EP

Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y - Live In Concert Rostrum: 2013 Ad Libbing at the end of Live in Concert’s first track, “Cabana”, Wiz Khalifa says, “N***as got it confused trying to do what the fuck we do. That’s not the point. The point is for you to do you.” While it’s a dismissal thrown at only s...
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Is A Director Really That Important?

When young baby-faced producer Irving Thalberg fired legendary director Eric von Stroheim from his film Merry-Go-Round in 1923 it was apparent to all involved in the motion picture business that the age of director had ended. Prior to this and another event in 1927 – the release of the first all-...
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Is Responsive Web Design for You?

The other day, I was reading an entry here about how to make your blog mobile friendly, and the last thing the writer mentioned is a blog concept that I personally advocate, that of responsive design.  If you are unfamiliar with responsive design, essentially it is designing your website so that ...
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Joey Fatts Ft. A$AP Rocky & Danny Brown – Choppa

Long Beach rapper Joey Fatts premiered this new track today called ‘Choppa’. ‘Choppa’ features arguably two of the best young MC’s around, A$AP Rocky & Danny Brown. Joey Fatts, A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown legitimately FLATTEN this 808 Mafia produced BANGER which will appear on Joey Fatts next ...
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The Iceman Review

Do you know the real story of Richard Kuklinski, one of the most ruthless contract killers our country has ever seen? Being a Jersey boy living not even a thirty minute drive from New York City, I do, so to say all these events went down in my backyard is an understatement. Sure, he was behind ba...
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How Guest Posting Will Boost Your SEO Value

Many websites consider allowing guest posting in order to help boost their ratings. On the other hand some websites choose to guest post on other sites in order to help boost their rankings. In both of these cases you watch your ratings go through the roof so long as you execute your posts correc...
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33 Classy Thick Edge Business Cards

Business cards are not dead. Having a beautifully designed business card will increase its lifespan. I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll say it again: If I ever receive a halfassed business card, it’s ending up in the trash. People have good taste, even if you’re not supposed to judge a book...
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How to Inspire your Team or Employees

This article was written for Inspirationfeed by Scott Regan .Scott is the founder and chief execution officer of AchieveIt, a technology firm that specializes in strategy development and execution management. In addition to his executive duties at AchieveIt, Scott speaks across the country on fur...